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The Waterslim concept

Dual revolution

A design revolution

Space saving: by installing the WaterSlim water heater in living spaces (bathrooms, kitchens, etc.), often on unused walls, you free up space, recovering, for example, the volume of a large closet. Given the cost of housing, it’s makes a significant difference.

Dimensions: 21cm deep and 60cm wide

A technological revolution

Energy efficiency, reduction in heating time, conservation of heat: capacity in hot water (40°C) for a 100L WaterSlim: 179 litres* according to the standard EN 12 897

The 2000W electrical resistance heater reduces heating time

Enhanced insulation for the water heater, with one side against the wall allows the water to stay hot longer.

Strength: the 100% stainless steel tank offers greater resistance to water and wear than enameled tanks.

* quantity of mixed hot water (40°C) supplied by a heater set at 68°C

A brief history of the water heater

The story of an encounter

Claude Somajini was a plumber in the south of France. He began to wonder why there were no attractive space-saving water heaters on the market. He created a 50L water heater. The reactions of his first clients were very positive. They were delighted to be able to install WaterSlim water heaters without having to hide them, in bathrooms, kitchens, and in small spaces such as those found on boats. Claude wondered how he could go farther and scale up production to produce more water heaters, and how to finance this project.

One of his clients introduced him to an entrepreneur, Jean-Louis Chollet, who after a successful career managing various service firms was running a holding company with a diverse investment portfolio.

From this encounter came a true industrial project

Jean-Louis Chollet was struck by the innovation fo the WaterSlim flat water heater and its inventor. He saw the potential of the device and decided to put together a team with the skills for industrial development. In particular, he called on Patrick Faure, who had been deputy general manager of Renault and the president of Renault F1. For the technical aspects, they brought in Christian Contzen, an engineer who had served as general manager of Renault F1,

Christian Contzen led the project, working with the design office and the factory on scaling production. After this study period, development, production and testing, the water heaters are now available on the market.

Technology at the service of comfort

Le chauffe-eau 100L produit 170 litres d’eau à 40° en 3h30 selon la norme NF EN 12 897. Une telle performance est rendue possible par le processus thermodynamique mis en œuvre dans la cuve.

Thermal protection and strength

The tanks of WaterSlim water heaters are insulated with 40mm-thick polyurethane foam. The tank is made of 2mm-gauge stainless steel, chosen for its resistance to wear.

Standards and certifications

WaterSlim products comply with the standard NF EN 60335 for user security.
TÜV has certified the WaterSlim water heater

  • In a location not exposed to freezing
  • As close as possible to the points of use
  • On a surface (floor and wall) strong enough to bear the weight of a full water heater (approximately 180kg for WTS 100L model and 100kg for the WTS 50L model). Otherwise, it may only be installed on the floor.

The cold water supply and the hot-out pipe should be connected to a 3/4″G. There should be a 40mm diameter discharge pipe as well.

  • During the heating
  • When water is drawn

Thanks to its tall, thin shape and its internal structure, during heating we can observed more efficient distribution of the heated water thanks to regular mixing. The result is a better transfer of energy to from the heating element to the water.
Another advantage of the WaterSlim system:
– it limits boiling and turbulence.
Thus, with no untimely mixing of hot and cold water, there is no heat loss.
– it strongly limits the build-up of scale on the heating element because there are no hot points. The efficiency of the heating element and its lifespan are enhanced.

Evolution of water temperature when water is drawn

The height of the tank favours the formation of stable layers of water of different termperature. The hot water stays close to the hot-out point. This is what allows for a greater quantity of 40°C water than in a traditional water heater with the same capacity.

Now available in many colors

Always looking for innovation, Waterslim is now available in several colors and texture effects , from brushed aluminum brown leather through the imitation snake skin , plus a wide range of colors or varnish in matt . It goes without saying that you ‘re bound to find the shade that will perfectly fit your interior .